ALL ROYALTIES FOR THE USE OF THE "AL-MEMANI WORLD BANKING WINDOW" (COPYRIGHT 10/10/2008) BY WORLD LEADERS AMOUNTING TO 2 TRILLION BRITISH POUNDS which will increase to exactly how much money is put into the world economy before my idea is implemented(increased on 01/11/08 from original 1 TRILLION on 10/10/08)equivalent in "UC" IN GOLD OR 2.5% (increased on 01/11/08 from original 1% on 10/10/08)OF THE WORLD ECONOMY EQUIVALENT IN "UC" FOR EVERY BANKING WINDOW OPENED WHICHEVER IS GREATER AND 1 BRITISH POUND EQUIVALENT IN "UC" FOR EVERY "UNIVERSAL CURRENCY BANKING CARD" PRODUCED FOR USE BY THE POPULATION OF THE UNIVERSE UNTIL THE END OF TIME TO BE SENT TO MR MEHMOOD SULEMAN AL-MEMANI OR HIS DECENDENTS OR TRUSTEES CURRENTLY OF 70 RIDGE ROAD WINCHMORE HILL LONDON N21 3EN UK mobile no (+44) 07808474732 OF WHICH 2.5% WILL BE GIVEN AS ZAKAT(CHARITY) EVERY ISLAMIC YEAR.The above royalty charges are reviewed to read as one off payment instead of yearly as the yearly payment will be taken under the taxation of 2.5% from each Individual person or entitity under the new taxation (zakat) social security

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